Raising the Voices of the Unheard

If our vibez don’t change the world around us, are we really broadcasting? Our mission is more than selling neat, funny or thought-provoking wearable messages. We seek to give a voice to the unheard. Here’s a few ways. Can you think of more?  We bet you can!

Turning Up the Volume

It seems as our world progresses technologically, many humans do not fit neatly into the mold of society. These are the forgotten. These are the overlooked and the overstepped. They are the hurting and the sick. They are the wounded and the trampled on. They are also the toughest and strongest you will usually meet. Have you heard their voices? They seem to call humanity back. To slow down. But do we keep walking by?

So what can really be done? The problem is so far spread and is only growing. However, there is hope. Maybe we are someone else’s hope. Maybe they just need an ear, if only for a minute. To remind us what being human is. To love. To empathize. To care and protect. It is less important to understand the problem, than it is to understand the solution. YOU are the solution. Take a look at some of our partner projects. Reach out. Connect. Be human.

HumanBN is a non-profit organization currently working on solving issues of homelessness using gig-economy remote data entry.  On this platform, individuals work with coaches and volunteers to complete “micro” web tasks involving Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.  Sound confusing but intriguing?  Check out the videos of their platform at work.

HumanBN Platform Preview

onRoute22 has a vision of a world in which every woman is treated with dignity and has the opportunity to create a self-sustaining life, disrupting her cycle of poverty. We are a small but passionate group in Silicon Valley on a mission to end poverty for women by restoring dignity and hope.

A Podcast Introducing onRoute22

onRoute22 website

Aging alone,
struggling with dementia,
growing up lost,
in a world without roots,
is painful and unnecessary.

-Companionship to Aging
-Awakening to Alzheimer’s
-Meaning to Youth
-Hope to Us All.

Alive Inside Coalition website

No one has ever become poor by giving.

— ANNE FRANK (The Diary of Anne Frank)

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